TuCan Founders

Miguel Sanchis and Cristina Botella, are the founders of TuCan Feel, a company created with the purpose of improving the mental and emotional health of people to achieve wellness and thus contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world. The most significant differentiation of TuCan Feel is the fusion of two of the most important tools to achieve continuous and upward growth: COACHING and MINDFULNESS.


TuCan Feel

Tucan Feel is an international STRATEGIC CONSULTING and TRAINING company. Headquartered in Spain (Altea, Alicante), we are in the process of establishing ourselves in Miami, with projects in New York and other countries such as Mexico and Latin America.

We design and adapt our consulting programs and training actions to the objectives and needs of organizations, managers and their teams, so that they can become better leaders and increase their productivity and commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. Thus serving all people to feel a greater WELLNESS and HAPPINESS in their lives, improving their mental and emotional health, through its strategic programs, courses, conferences and events.

TuCan Vision

Our vision is to transform the world into a place where all people, companies and organizations find and fulfill their purpose for a common benefit, building societies with values, sustainability, harmony and fulfillment.

TuCan Mission

Our mission is to become a reference of a new professional MINDSET to help our clients to have a clear and focused direction, a conscious and realistic strategy and concrete objectives to successfully conquer their goals and become the companies and people they always wanted to be.

TuCan Value

Our feel, based on our values:

  • Unity; union between our mind and our heart, power and feeling,
  • Energy; to connect with yourself and your passion to transform your life.
  • Evolution; business management and team management

Why a Tucan? Because their characteristics identify us.

Its main distinguishing feature is its huge and colorful beak. Not only do they serve aesthetically to form one of the most curious and beautiful birds on the planet, they also have a vital function for them: they help keep them cool. They self-regulate and that is why we identify with them, we also self-regulate emotionally and self-motivate.

Besides, that big beak identifies us, we are great speakers!

The toucan is a very sociable animal. They usually walk in pairs or in small groups of 6. As we connect with people, creating communities and small working groups in organizations to develop our programs in an effective way.

Indigenous peoples have a more sacred respect for these animals, as they were traditionally considered to represent a link between the world of the living and the world of the spirits. And that is why it is also an important symbol for us, our union between our essence and our attitude, between being and doing, between the mind and the heart…

And that is why the TUCAN represents us. These colorful birds inspire beauty, joy, positivity and freedom. Its distinction from the rest, its visual impact and its ability to go far, identifies us in these times when we need to be different and make an impact in this unpredictable world. Passionate, social, curious and connected to our essence, we take action, creating a community of toucans for a better world.

Want to join our community? We understand that everything you have read is not enough, you need to connect with our feeling… So we invite you to a coffee time to connect face to face.

By the way, did you know that toucans are the most motivated animals on the planet? everyone calls them TU-CAN! TU-CAN! TU-CAN!

TuCan Team

  • We were born in the company Azimut, with a wide professional trajectory in consulting, auditing and training in the fields of quality, environment, sustainability and personal development.
  • We have had the privilege of accompanying in consulting processes leading companies in the country, SMEs and public institutions and trained large teams of both public and private organizations from all professional sectors and associations.
  • As part of the process of growth and international expansion, we decided to create TuCan Feel to fly towards our purpose, with the focus and determination needed in this process of personal and organizational transformation, joining our two methodologies coaching and mindfulness,
  • As partners and board members in cultural, social and business associations, we contribute from within in bringing our values to co-create a society with new, more capable, empowered and successful leaders.

Cristina Botella

D. in Science. Mindfulness and MBSR Instructor.
Expert in Mindfulness and emotional management.

Miguel Sanchis Gregori

Life Coach and International Speaker
Expert in personal growth and leadership.

TuCan Programs

We inspire you with our programs of:

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría

Strategic consulting

We analyze the key processes of companies to identify the needs of each one and create an adequate strategy to increase their productivity and profitability.

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría

Life Coaching

We help people define their purpose by creating the most appropriate strategy to establish the habits and actions necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals .

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We serve individuals and organizations to reduce their stress and improve their well-being through our Mindfulness programs.

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We identify the training needs of organizations and create tailored plans and training programs, providing courses related to the main areas:

  1. Leadership, team motivation and communication
  2. Sustainability (SDGs and social responsibility)
  3. Mental and emotional health (Mindfulness, coaching, time management, stress reduction, wellness and happiness)
TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We prepare conferences and events tailored for companies and for all types of people in order to improve their leadership, motivation, attitude and well-being.

All our programs can be subsidized by FUNDAE. Consultation without obligation.

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