Tailor-made courses

The following are the most demanded programs:

Communication skills for conflict reduction.

Keys to efficient communication with the customer.

Management skills for team management.

Social-emotional skills for sales.

Emotional management for customer communication.

Building teams on values.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs.

Achieving the emotional well-being of the team.

Mindfulness, Coaching and Wellness (MCB for middle management)

Motivating the team Time management.

Time management.

Request information without obligation about the training or programs you want and we will send them to you with the contents and duration according to your objectives and needs.

All our programs can be face-to-face and/or online, acting internationally as we provide training throughout Spain, USA, Mexico and Latin America.

They are aimed at ASSOCIATIONS, COMPANIES, SMEs, SELF-EMPLOYERS, as well as individuals.

In addition, we create for your organization activities of coexistence, team cohesion, Team Building, both in the form of conferences, events, outings and other activities. Contact us without obligation.

TuCan Programs

We inspire you with our programs of:

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría

Strategic consulting

We analyze the key processes of companies to identify the needs of each one and create an adequate strategy to increase their productivity and profitability.

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría

Life Coaching

We help people define their purpose by creating the most appropriate strategy to establish the habits and actions necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals .

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We serve individuals and organizations to reduce their stress and improve their well-being through our Mindfulness programs.

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We identify the training needs of organizations and create tailored plans and training programs, providing courses related to the main areas:

  • Leadership, team motivation and communication
  • Sustainability (SDGs and social responsibility)
  • Mental and emotional health (Mindfulness, coaching, time management, stress reduction, wellness and happiness)
TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We prepare conferences and events tailored for companies and for all types of people in order to improve their leadership, motivation, attitude and well-being.

All of our programs are eligible for FUNDAE bonuses and we manage them free of charge for our clients.

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