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Micro Course: Self-esteem

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16 hours

Do you want to have greater self-esteem and thus more security and confidence in yourself?

Well, this training is perfect for you. We present this mini course as a challenge, where in just 21 days you will improve your self-concept and self-image, thus increasing your self-esteem.

It is a challenge based on Louse L. Hay’s well-known book “The Power of the Mirror”, which consists of doing exercises and repeating affirmations in front of the mirror. This work is a very effective method to learn to love ourselves and others through positive affirmations.

During these 21 days you will transform your mental habits into healthier ones that will help you live with more joy and meaning. In these three weeks we work:

– First week: love yourself, control your inner critic

– Second week. Love your inner child and release your fear and anger.

– Third week; Forgive, release, give thanks and receive your prosperity.

Sign up and you will receive 21 meditation audio guide and 21 content based posts including:

– Exercise; affirmations to do in the morning in front of the mirror and whenever you pass by one. Some days include exercises related to the theme of the day.

– Thought from the heart; an affirmation to create the thought of the day.

– Short meditation to do whenever you wish during the day.


In addition, you will have free consultations and doubts by e-mail during the 21 days of training.

Methodology and content

Course format




At your own pace


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have purchased the course we will contact you to arrange the times and days when you can take the course.

You can pay for the course by credit card or PayPal.

The course instructor is Miguel Sanchis, whom you can contact for further information.

637 472 099

Who teaches the course?

Cristina Botella

D. in Science. Mindfulness and MBSR Instructor.
Expert in Mindfulness and emotional management.

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