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Finally we can present our planner📝 CREATE A GREAT PLAN! 👌🏻

This is not just any agenda, it is a PLANNER that includes the best methods proven by experts to be more effective in managing our time.

In addition, it includes exclusive tools created by Mike and Cris for you, so you can plan your success, achieving balance in all areas of your life:

📌 The power of positive affirmations.

📌 The wheel of life.

📌 Wheel of values.

📌 Purpose and life vision.

📌 Wish and dream list.

📌 6-month objectives and values.

📌 Weekly planning and follow-up.

📌 Motivational phrases.

📌 Weekly review with learning and objectives met.

📌 Emotional wheel.

‼️Si you want to be one of those who achieve their purpose, this planner is for you herramienta‼️

Below is a video explaining how to fill it out.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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