Coaching & Mindfulness

MCB Kids – Weston

Type of course
4 hours


MCB Kids Program, a Mindfulness, Coaching and Wellbeing program for children. Through play and fun teaching dynamics, we achieve the following objectives :

  • Develop their emotional intelligence so that they learn to manage their emotions.
  • Achieve calm and balance through Mindfulness.
  • Control your impulses and reactions with conscious responses.
  • Cultivate your values ​​and especially kindness.
  • Improve your communication by emphasizing assertiveness.
  • Develop your inter and intra personal intelligence to improve your relationship with your environment.

Who is the target audience?

Children between 5 and 10 years old

Structure and content

The program is divided into 8 modules:

  • Session 1:Knowing the values
  • Session 2:Music, energy and movement
  • Session 3:Mindfulness for everyday life
  • Session 4:Emotions
  • Session 5:Managing stress
  • Session 6:Communication
  • Session 7:Eliminating worries
  • Session 8: Planning time

👉 Information and registration at

Date: November 4

Place: Markham Park & Target Range – Weston (Florida)

Precio: 80$ – 80€

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