Coaching & Mindfulness

MCB Challenge

Type of course
80 hours

At TuCan Feel we have designed and created the MCB program (Mindfulness, Coaching and Wellness), an exclusive training that combines the main tools of personal development so that you can achieve balance in your life.

And for the first time, we bring you a micro course as a Challenge so that you can get to know the program first hand and learn the contents easily and at your own pace!

You will receive 8 days of content with 8 podcasts and 8 exclusive meditations, plus valuable content so you can;

– Learning to meditate

– Manage your emotions better

– Apply strategies to reduce your stress

– Manage your time better

– Improve your communications

– Reduce your worries

– Define your objectives, goals and purpose

– Establish adequate planning and follow-up


You can do it at your own pace, at the place and time of your choice. In addition, you will have free consultations and doubts by e-mail during the 21 days of training.


And if you decide to continue with the training and take the MCB program, we will give you a 20% DISCOUNT BONUS for the same.

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