TuCan Feel International

TuCan Feel, a company specializing in the sale of mindfulness and coaching courses, announces its intention to internationalize and expand its business in the United States. In order to increase its market presence and reach new customers, the company has organized a trip to New York and Miami, where it will meet with industry experts and leaders.

In addition, the company has prepared two events on time management, where courses and training programs in mindfulness and coaching will be presented. These events will be attended by renowned time management experts and will be an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the benefits of mindfulness training and coaching in the personal and work environment.

The Co-Founders of TuCan Feel expressed their enthusiasm for this new step in the company’s expansion, and highlighted the importance of offering tools and resources to improve people’s quality of life in times of uncertainty and stress. With this initiative, TuCan Feel seeks to continue growing and consolidating its position as a leader in mindfulness training and coaching at an international level.

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