How to have a happy summer

We are entering one of the best times of the year, summer. Movement of people, happy faces, enjoying nature, gastronomy and tourist routes.

When we are well, we completely neglect areas of our lives that are key to our well-being and fulfillment. Many people take vacations as a method of “reset” in all aspects that later brings negative consequences. But how to spend a happy summer without dreading the return from vacation? Obviously we must enjoy our days off, do different things and live every moment with intensity, but the days have 24 hours and that is why, to have a happy and full summer, we need to take time to read, meditate and do sports to have a better control of our mind and give value to every moment lived.

If we are able to find the balance between fun and physical and mental care during these weeks, we will realize the impermanence of things and this will lead us to enjoy every moment with greater intensity and we will take the return to work with much more enthusiasm and illusion.

My tips for this summer:

  • 30′ of running + gym
  • Meditate between 15′ and 20′.
  • Read 30′.
  • Enjoying your relationships and the environment

If you manage to consistently maintain these habits, in addition to enjoying a balanced and happy vacation, you will avoid the post-holiday crisis.


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