Attitude affects your health. Scientifically proven!

In the field of positive psychology, Professor María Dolores Avia, points out that there is a “widespread idea that people who have negative attitudes towards an illness take longer to recover, while those with positive attitudes enjoy better health”. It is not an idea, it is a scientific fact.

Well-known authors such as Martin Seligman claim that good mental health has beneficial effects on coronary disorders, diabetes, emphysema, osteoarthritis, blindness, dementia, kidney failure and certain forms of breast cancer.” Source: Art. PsychoBiological Institute.

Your attitude directly affects your health! There are numerous scientific studies, as I mentioned above, that corroborate that this statement is correct. In addition, positive people have a life expectancy almost 7 years longer than those who do not cultivate these attitudes. But, the best news is not this. The best news is that the attitude is up to you!

In other words, you can be your own best doctor. Attitude is the ability of people to decide what to focus our attention on, what thoughts to nurture and what emotions to feel in each situation of life. Some people always see the glass as half full and others as half empty. The objective reality is that the glass has the same amount of water, what changes is your perception of that objective fact. Therefore, the key will be to identify the “quality of our approach” in our day-to-day life and ask yourself, is this the best approach I can have in this situation? Does this approach make me feel better? Depending on the answer to these questions, you know what the next step is.

It’s up to you to change it! And this is trained! At TuCan Feel we help you work on your approach with our customized individual and group programs.

Choose better health! You already know the first step, do you want to know more?

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