TuCan Team at Latinos Pa’lante

Last July we were giving a conference in New York for Latinos Pa’lante!

Minutes before our conferences, we were in the dressing rooms and we were wondering… is it real that we are in New York about to hold a conference? The answer was YES! It was very real! Dreams come true with hard work, commitment, perseverance and integrity.

In New York we met EXTRAordinary people who inspired us a lot and made us improve in our profession and in our lives.

Thanks to Brandon Ivan for trusting us to be part of the great line-up of Latinos Pa’lante.

This is the beginning of many more Latinos Pa’lante ‘s that we will be reporting soon!

If you have a dream, work and act to achieve it. You have no guarantee of achieving it, but what you do have is a guarantee of evolution, since the most important thing about fighting for your dreams is the person you become during the process.

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