How to apply the principles of Mindfulness in daily life

At TuCan Feel we have created a new SUMMER CALM CHALLENGE to take advantage of the vacations in order to promote Mindfulness as a new habit in our lives, applying the principles of Mindfulness in our daily lives. The practice of meditation through this tool will help us to feel more peace and calm by reducing our stress level.

For those who do not know this practice, Mindfulness means mindfulness and is a way of living while remaining attentive to the present moment, achieving greater effectiveness in your tasks and better managing your emotions, which helps you reduce your stress and gain well-being.

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, who is known as the father of Mindfulness in the West, proposes seven principles of Mindfulness that constitute the mainstays of the practice: non-judgment, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-effort, acceptance and letting go. These “Mindful attitudes” are interdependent, each influences the others and cultivating one improves the others. Other attitudes, such as generosity, gratitude, self-mastery, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, equanimity, etc. are developed through the cultivation of those seven Mindfulness principles or fundamental attitudes:

1. DO NOT JUDGE. To observe our thoughts, situations and everything around us in an unbiased way, without making judgments, opinions or labeling what is happening.

2. PATIENCE. The opposite, impatience, is wanting things to go at the pace you want them to, which is often different from how they actually go. The best thing to do is to let things be as they are, to be patient, because everything comes when it has to come.

3. BEGINNER’S MIND. It is about observing without pre-judgments from past experiences, as if it were the first time, with curiosity and openness to what is happening.

4. TRUST. Have faith in what happens and flow with the circumstances. Trust yourself, your feelings, your wisdom and your abilities.

5. NO EFFORT. Meditation is different from any other habit in that it is effortless. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just observe our breathing, our sensations and be attentive to what arises in the experience of the present moment.

6. ACCEPT. Accepting that things are as they are and not as we would like them to be is the most difficult practice of all. With the practice of Minfulness we accept the experience as it is, without resistance and from there we become aware to take action from the present with clarity and wisdom.

7. RELEASE. This is flowing with the circumstances and with everything that happens, an attitude that we also cultivate through meditation, letting go of the expectation of any result and practicing detachment.

With our training programs and individual sessions you can learn how to cultivate these “Mindful attitudes” and apply these Mindfulness principles in your daily life reducing your stress and gaining health and well-being. Contact us and we will offer you personalized advice.

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