Strategic consulting and training programs

Our courses

Coaching & Mindfulness

MCB Kids – Weston

Duración 4 h



21 Days with Mindfulness

Fecha 20230601
Duración 40 h



Mentoring with Mike

Fecha 20230101
Duración 4 h


Our methodology

We are experts in strategic consulting where we combine the two tools of Coaching and Mindfulness to analyze and identify the needs of companies and their teams. We become facilitators of people, motivating teams, increasing their productivity, improving communication and promoting their emotional well-being. An exciting journey of self-knowledge and personal growth that will transform your team and create a joint value strategy to achieve a common purpose in your company.

In addition, we offer individual programs, workshops, training programs and in-company and on-site courses. And of course, motivational lectures by our experts to your team.

Enjoy the bonus

The courses can be financed through the subsidy system of the State Foundation for Employment (FUNDAE) if they meet the requirements established in RD 4/2015 and Law 30/2015.

We have a free service of management of these bonuses to facilitate the process.

TuCan Programs

We inspire you with our programs of:

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría

Strategic consulting

We analyze the key processes of companies to identify the needs of each one and create an adequate strategy to increase their productivity and profitability.

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría

Life Coaching

We help people define their purpose by creating the most appropriate strategy to establish the habits and actions necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals .

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We serve individuals and organizations to reduce their stress and improve their well-being through our Mindfulness programs.

TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We identify the training needs of organizations and create tailored plans and training programs, providing courses related to the main areas:

  • Leadership, team motivation and communication
  • Sustainability (SDGs and social responsibility)
  • Mental and emotional health (Mindfulness, coaching, time management, stress reduction, wellness and happiness)
TuCan Feel Empresa de consultoría


We prepare conferences and events tailored for companies and for all types of people in order to improve their leadership, motivation, attitude and well-being.

All our programs can be subsidized with FUNDAE. No obligation consultation.

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