A call to action

Undertaking new projects involves risk situations. Therefore, we could say that it is not worth changing, right? It is true. It is better to stay as we are, because we are not so bad… But… how long are we going to hold on? Life ends the moment ambition and illusion end, and not taking risks puts us at permanent risk. The risk of losing the ILLUSION, AMBITION AND PASSION for life.

When we have to make decisions of change, whether it is changing jobs, starting a business, leaving a relationship or moving house, our mind will always work for our survival and will find a thousand arguments for us not to take these actions because they involve a significant risk because they imply leaving the comfort zone. As I said, our mind fights for our survival, but it will never work for our “SUPRAvivencia”, that is, to have a higher level life; to live well.

It will never be the ideal time to take action and take charge of our lives, but perhaps, the fact that it is not the time means that IT IS THE TIME. You will never be prepared to make decisions, but you prepare yourself by making them and small actions will have a brutal impact on your results and your evolution. Connect with yourself, with your essence and find your purpose so that your focus is aligned with it and your actions go accordingly. You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of!!!! Start today by making small decisions and proving to yourself that you are capable of accomplishing great things in this life!!!!

On June 9th you will have the opportunity to be nurtured, inspired and learn from some of the most privileged minds in this country. And because you are reading this article, I want to do my bit to help you and encourage you to take action. That’s why I invite you to write me a WhatsApp to 676 461 234 and I will send you a discount code where you can buy your ticket 20% cheaper than the rest of the public + 1 private 20′ session with me TOTALLY FREE! Write me and see you next June 9th in Torrente (Valencia) 😉

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