People’s health and wellbeing as a sustainability goal

Many people who don’t know me and follow me on the networks ask me what I do for a living. I am a Doctor in Science and Biologist, specialized in environment with different Masters and from there my work experience in environmental projects and audits. But over time, the workload produces an imbalance between the personal and professional side. And so, I practice a very powerful tool to reduce my stress, manage my time and above all gain well-being by achieving mental and emotional balance. Mindfulness as a basic tool to balance both aspects. My qualification as a trainer and my work experience in management in the education sector, quickly grasp the need to spread and bring to as many people as possible, this way of life so necessary to achieve our well-being. The difficult understanding and complexity of change at certain ages, due to ingrained beliefs, makes me see the need to start at an early age, from children, taking the practice to the entire educational community.

My scientific and environmentalist mind likens this educational process to environmental awareness, since it is from the base, from education, that we can begin to build a more sustainable world. I love this word, a totally integrative concept that encompasses everything I do and what I do for a living, as I said at the beginning. It includes quality (in education, in services, in industries, in relationships, with the environment), it includes society (children, adults, the elderly, all in community including ourselves), it includes the economy (work, circular, global, management and strategy), and the environment (ecosystems, the environment, the life that has created us, that which sustains us, the earth, space, that which feeds us). And that is why the world’s leading thinkers and leaders have agreed to a future that includes sustainable development goals, 17 SDGs that cover all these aspects. A global pact that will change the lives of the entire planet.

SDG 3, on health and well-being, reinforces these necessary tools to maintain the health and well-being of people as the basis for global growth and development.

And that is why the term sustainability is so big and broad that it also includes people. To each of us at the center and all around. That in order to live, we need ourselves and others. We need to be mentally calm to be at peace and not enter into conflicts or wars, we need to be healthy and not die of disease or hunger, we need love to live together, to relate to each other and fill the world with projects, illusions, life and hope. And for all this, sustainability is consciousness, it is full attention to the present, it is looking at life as it is, it is living it with acceptance and trust. Sustainability is Mindfulness. They share principles of equality, peace, justice, equity, environmental protection and care, and economic and social development.

And that’s why I dedicate myself to everything. That is why TuCan Feel implements programs that favor the health and well-being of people as part of social responsibility and sustainability of the planet. As part of our vision, to create a better world where our purpose is to live and not to survive, leaving a great legacy for future generations.

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